Reshmi Sha’uri Ha’nah Purmar’s teachings are based on deep personal work and channeled guidance she has had the privilege to bring through in her personal Spiritual Work.

Over the last 20 years she has facilitated countless one to one and group guidance, meditation or healing sessions worldwide.

Her unique approach to living a mindful life, draws on her personal experiences growing up in a traditional Indian family, which instilled in her a religious and spiritual openness. Her processes combine her natural empathic, intuitive abilities intertwined with her learning in family life, living across two cultures with elements of western influences.  Many times the cross cultural experiences cause us to focus on seeking security externally through material success and relationship validation.

Reshmi’s passion is to help millions of people around the world, be mindful to our inner & outer life, practicing compassion when engaging with ourselves and our world. The result, as you will see, is an original and personalised wisdom which can free ourselves and society from suffering thus truly living an expanded life full of knowing, uplifting, loving personal experiences.

In addition to personal reading and healing sessions, Reshmi gives talks, teaches individuals and groups, offers workshops, and leads healing, empowering retreats globally.

Her mission is to use her innate empathic abilities to help people have happier healthier lives. Reaching a worldwide audience through a process of profound personal and tribal emotional healing and spiritual awakening with mindful, compassionate self-love.