About Reshmi

An intuitive empathic psychic reading is a way to get a bird’s eye perspective on what is going on in your Life, Relationships, Career, Health. As an intuitive Empath I have the ability to sense your energy no matter where in the world you are. You could be sitting in front of me physically or on the other side of the world connecting with me via email, phone, Skype, zoom, whatever the medium of connection is the only tool I need is my ability to “know” you as your spirit allows me to, so that I can get to the root of our issue and help you receive the best guidance to be your best self. These readings are offered as a starting point to undertaking the self care work that we all need to do to become self empowered human beings full of self love. We are all powerful beings and can co-create our best experience of this life as we learn and practice using, focus, intention, thoughts, words and actions.