Tunnel of Shame

So some time back, i started walking into a tunnel of my own making.

The tunnel is dark.

Occasionally cracks in it let light in. The light...

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#metoo and more

So I have been watching the reactions and actions about the #metoo campaign unfold and more recently the Tony Robbins incident.

I sort of stood...

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What I Ache for..

I ache for peace.
Peace soaking deep into every cell of my being.

I ache for calmness to flow over me covering me like the softest of velveteen...

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Self love. Is it all me, me, me?

I have been on a journey of healing from grief, confusion and learning more about myself.  This journey started just over 2 years ago when my father passed over and I found myself falling in love all at the same time.

I, who was used to being a very solitary person, who needed no one and was a free soul, or so I thought, am realising that I DO NEED others.  I need others to help me see what my ingrained patterns from childhood are so I can erase them; I need others to help me find laughter and love again.

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I got interviewed!

Hey did I tell you I got interviewed lately?  No?!... so unlike me considering I talk for a living! hehe!

There I was lazily browsing through...

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